Here are the Tasting Notes for the beers available at our 2nd LocAle Beer Festival




1. Blue Monkey - Guiltbrook  BG SIPS 4%
Beautifully pale & intense hoppy beer. Enticing tropical fruit aromas & a lovely thirst quenching bitterness.
2. Shiny – Derby AFFINITY 4.60%
Strong Golden Bitter with lots & lots of fruity Citra hops.
3. Charnwood - Loughborough LISKA 4.00%
Blonde lager style cask beer, brewed with a combination of hops to give an authentic lager taste.
4. Magpie – Notts FIVE FOR SILVER 3.90%
Hopped with British Cascade & Olicana to create an easy drinking, summer fruits session IPA.
5. Brewsters - Grantham ROLL IN THE HAY 4.00%
 Fresh crisp ale, all pale malt with a golden hue.
6. Dancing Duck - Derby WADDLE IT BE 4.50%
Pale ale with intense fruity flavours & a spicy black pepper kick. Very drinkable.
7. Raw - Staveley  BLONDE  3.90%
Refreshing pale ale with German hops for a dry lager style.
8. Full Mash - Stapleford ILLUMINATI  4.20%
Perfectly balanced pale ale with a full bodied hop flavour & a refreshing zesty finish.
9. Mr Grundy’s - Derby BULLET  4.30%
Devilish dark ale with a treacle aroma & a smooth rounded taste.
10. Black Iris - Notts  SNAKE EYES 3.80%
English pale ale, citrus aromas & flavours. Fruity finish. Biscuit malt character.
11. Lincoln Green - Hucknall  ARCHER  4.00%
American style IPA packed with three of the biggest hitting USA hops.
12. Magpie -  Notts BEST BITTER 4.20%
Glowing copper, nutty & crisp with gentle hop flavours.
13. Magpie - Notts  HOPPILY 3.80%
Blonde refreshing beer with distinct endeavour hop flavour.
14. Flipside – Notts FARTHING MILD  3.60%
A lightly hopped dark mild with rich caramel flavours.
15. Hartshorns - Derby  BARLEY POP 3.80%
A mix of UK & USA hops delivers a smooth drinking bitter that goes down like pop.
16. Nottingham – Radford EPA 4.20%
A light coloured, exceptionally well balanced smooth ale with a light fragrant hop finish.
17. Wentwell – Derby SUMMER LOVE IN 4.10%
Pale ale with a hint of lime.
18. Chantry - Rotherham NEW YORK PALE 3.90%
Pale session bitter with a refreshing citrus taste & a crisp bitter finish.
19. Landlocked - Ripley  SUMMER GOLD 3.80%
Easy drinking pale ale, light body and sweet mouth feel.
20. Brunswick – Derby THE USUAL 4.20%
A traditional copper coloured best bitter. Smooth on the palette with flavours of toffee & caramel.
 21. Bath Ales - Bristol GEM  4.1%
 Chestnut brown bitter, rich aroma of hops & malt with a long deep bittersweet finish    
22. Black Country - Dudley CHAIN ALE 4.2%
A light golden beer with hop character of mango, tropical fruits & lime.    
Farmers Fear bottled ciders - £3.50/Bottle    
Hoppily                 pale ale 3.8% abv  
Flyer                      golden ale 4.1% abv  
Raven Stout        smokey stout 4.4% abv  
Best Bitter           copper beer 4.2% abv  
JPA                        fruity, hops & malt 5.2% abv  
Thieving Rouge pale, fruity & floral 4.5% abv