Winter Training for Senior cricketers begins on Friday 6th January at Trent Bridge from 7 - 8pm.

Due to building work taking place at Notts CCC there are no shower facilities in the changing room. The viewing galleries are closed off and the lifts are out of order.

Please also note that the parking in the TBI car park is restricted, spaces are available in the car park under the Fox Road stand.

Recent studies and reports show that a huge number of young adults choose not to carry on their chosen sport after reaching the age of 16. There are many reasons for this including costs.

Cricket is no exception and we would like to encourage 16- 21 year olds to continue playing. Funding has been made available to encourage our young adults and this year WBCC are reducing the weekly fee for winter training for our 16-21s to £2.50 per session. (Usual price is £4.50)

Please note the following when attending the sessions:

Payment must be made before your session starts.

All players regardless of age MUST wear a helmet when batting or wicket keeping, there are NO exceptions.