Here's a list of the beers that will be available at the mini-beer festival being held from 27th - 29th April!


1. Magpie - Notts FOUR FOR A BOY 3.60%
Dark Ruby Mild full of chocolate and roasted malt flavour.
2. Magpie - Notts  CHERRY RAVEN 4.40%
Our very special dark cherry edition of our smooth and smoky stout.
3. Grasshopper - Notts  CRICKET 4.50%
Well balanced golden ale, hoppy with a slight bitter finish.
4. Abstract Jungle - Langley Mill PRIDE PALE 3.90%
Crisp and clean pale ale with German and American hops.
5. XT - Bucks                                                15 ENGLISH IPA 4.50%
Triple hopped, pale amber ale with a caramel malt nose, lasting floral hop character.
6. XT - Bucks ANIMAL STAG 4.60%
New Zealand pale ale, crisp, zesty and hoppy.
7. Ashover - Derbyshire VICTORIAN RUBY MILD 7.00%
Traditional strong ruby mild with fruit and chocolate notes.
8. Maypole - Eakring CELEBRATION 4.00%
Light session pale ale.
9. Magpie - Notts HAVE YOUR CAKE & EGRET 3.70%
A light session Raspberry sponge pale ale.
10. Heritage - Burton upon Trent FIRESIDE 4.90%
Dark Amber ale with toffee and roasted malt flavour.
11. Partners - West Yorks SILVER BULLET 4.50%
Golden ale with tropical flavours and aromas.
12. Bradford  BROAD FORD BLONDE 4.20%
Soft and aromatic, balanced easy drinking pale ale.
13. Austendyke - Lincs HOGS GATE 5.10%
Golden copper colour, easy drinking, malty with a mild bitter finish.
14. Revolutions - Castleford CANDIDATE 3.90%
Pale ale, late-hopped and dry hopped with US Pekko (floral, citrus and mint).
15. Blue Monkey - Giltbrook  INFINITY 4.60%
Golden ale brewed with Citra hops from the USA.
16. Nottingham  EPA 4.20%
Light coloured, well balanced, smooth ale with alight fragrant hop finish.
17. Magpie - Notts WANDERERS 3.90%
Session IPA packed full of Mosaic and Citra hops.
18. Heritage - Burton Upon Trent  ST MODWEN'S 4.20%
Crisp and refreshing blonde beer, not too bitter with a subtle malted wheat biscuit taste.