Here are the 100 club winners for September and October 2019.

Many thanks for your ongoing support for the club - it's obviously great to have a win from time to time, but the main purpose of the 100 Club is to allow us to pay off the loan that covered the completion of the clubhouse redevelopment - thank you for helping us to do this.
1st Prize Dave Terrill £140
2nd Prize Bob Douglas £40
2nd Prize Dave Watson £40
3rd Prize Adrian Churchett £20
3rd Prize Gareth Kerr £20
3rd Prize Jono Martin £20


1st Prize Andy Jeffery £140
2nd Prize Jess Bullers £40
2nd Prize Yvonne Boothright £40
3rd Prize James Hetherington £20
3rd Prize Joe Stephenson £20
3rd Prize Judith Dibley £20