Please see the following message from WBSC Chairman Jon Sheard, WBCC Chairman Guy Dibley and WBRFC Chairman Dilwyn Evans.


Dear West Bridgford Sports Club members,


We sit here on the verge of starting work on the redevelopment of our dilapidated clubhouse. In just twelve months we have secured a remarkable £278,000 (through grants and fundraising) and, following a competitive tender process, have appointed a contractor.  However, as chairmen of the rugby, cricket and sport clubs, we write to you now with a heartfelt request – are you in a position to make a personal contribution to the redevelopment project?


We are £65,280 short of funds to complete the first 2 phases of the project. These phases will give us a new look building with a pitched roof, an open plan and larger club room, two new changing rooms and a new car park (completing the car park at this stage is a planning obligation stipulated by the council).


We are a further £145,290 short of funds for completing the rest of the project, which will additionally give us a new kitchen, new ladies and gents toilets, an additional side entrance and will allow us to render the building so it looks as good from the outside as it will inside.


We have to start the work imminently on the first 2 phases, otherwise we will lose funding that we have secured, something we cannot afford to happen.  So, we simply have to find the £61,250 to enable us to finish this work.  Undeniably, this is a lot of money, but we strongly believe that if we all pull together then we can make it happen. We need the help of every member andevery parent. We need this help NOW, not in a couple of months’ time but quite literally now, in the next few weeks.


The gap can be closed in a number of ways:


Cash donations. A £100 donation from each member and parent of both the rugby club and cricket club would generate in the region of £60,000. These one-off donations would provide major benefit for everyone in the long term. Obviously, we would be absolutely delighted to speak to anyone who is able to donate a more sizeable sum, but a lot of smaller donations can really help to shrink our funding gap.

Building materials. If you work for a company that may be able to provide materialsthat will be used during the construction, please get in contact. Our contractor has said he is very happy to work with companies that are able to provide better value materials than he can source, on the proviso that you can work to our contractor’s timescales

Fund Raising. There are already dinners planned by both the rugby and the cricket clubs – please support these events. All bar profits are being donated to the project (which this year alone should amount to c.£15,000).  But there is plenty more that can be done - please keep coming forward with ingenious ways of raising money.

Loan Guarantors. We are determined to fund the first 2 phases without loans, but if we can secure the £61,250 for these phases then we may look to complete the rest of the project with interest-free loans (available from both the RFU and ECB); we would require personal guarantees for these loans, which would be paid back over approximately 5 years by continuing to donate all bar profits and keeping up the fund raising effort.

We ask that you take this request very seriously. A lot of people have put ahuge amount of time and effort into this project - we all need to ensure that we complete it.

We hear all the time how much people love the rugby club and the cricket club.  Now is the time for everyone to demonstrate this – we all need to do our bit to close the funding gap, in whatever way we can. We will then have a clubhouse, by the end of 2014 that is the envy of all visitors to the Memorial Ground.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you can help in any way, please contact any of us or any member of a club committee. 


Thank you.



Jon Sheard

Chairman of West Bridgford Sports Club

M: 07767 161132 E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Guy Dibley

Chairman of West Bridgfordians CC

M: 07970 951952 E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dilwyn Evans

Chairman of West Bridgford RFC


M: 07808 060645 E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.