Here's a 100 Club update from Jon Sheard
With 107 numbers sold so far so 1st prize is guaranteed £100 with 5 x 2nd prizes of £20
  • If 120 get numbers sold we will get a 1st prize of £120, 2nd prize of £40 and 4 x 3rd prizes of £20
  • If 140 get numbers sold we will get a 1st prize of £140, 2 x 2nd prizes of £40 and 3 x 3rd prizes of £20
  • Anyone who enters in time for June draw will also be entered into Christmas Cracker draw in December
  • Please complete attached application form if you haven't done so already
For everyone who has bought a number, the bank details are now available and have been sent via email to everyone who has bought a number. PLEASE SET UP YOUR STANDING ORDERS!
A further update will be sent next week with total numbers sold!


Jon Sheard
Mobile - 07767 161132