As you are probably aware, finances for the clubhouse project are extremely tight at the moment, with various additional costs having recently hit us which no-one had anticipated. Therefore money for buying new furniture just isn't available.
An opportunity has come our way via Daniel Joy who not only is a coach and junior parent at the rugby club, but also Country Manager for the UK at Ikano Bank.
Ikano have partnered with Yimby (owned by Just Giving), to launch a pilot scheme in Nottinghamshire to assist projects that need money via the (relatively) newly formed medium of "Crowd Funding" ( These projects are all benefiting a group or section of the community, so our clubhouse redevelopment was a perfect match.
The basics are,
  • The furniture will cost a total of £3200
  • We have a 'pledging' webpage for people to pledge money (looks very similar to Just Giving)
  • The money only comes out of people's bank accounts when we hit the target of £2200
  • If we don't hit the target of £2200, we get nothing
  • Ikano have already pledged £250
  • We have until the 14th December to hit the £2200 target
  • If we overachieve , we get all money that is pledged until the cut off date of 14th December
The key to the success of this fundraising will be spreading the word to club members and then their friends, work colleagues/customers, relatives, other rugby/cricket clubs and anyone else who may have some money to pledge, or just decent contacts to ask to pledge. We will keep everyone informed of progress and hopefully we will smash through the target. If we do, the money will be put straight towards the next phase of the project, so will not be wasted!
Finally, and most importantly, here is the link to make it all happen, 
or click the Make Happeners link on the left hand side of this page.
Thanks in advance for all your help with this - I think we will smash through the target, but we need a lot of help to do it. If anyone has any questions, please give me a call.