Here are the 100 club winners for January and a few facts about what we've raised so far!


  Winning Number First Name Surname
1st Prize    £100 84 John Grimes
2nd Prize  £20 60 Jennifer Walker
2nd Prize  £20 26 Graeme Gunn
2nd Prize  £20 44 Dan Sutton
2nd Prize  £20 120 Darren Burley
2nd Prize  £20 70 Anna Rich


Having moved into the new year, and as we look forward to the imminent re-opening of our much improved clubhouse, I'd like to share some 100 Club facts and figures with you.

We currently have 109 members, which include cricket folk, rugby folk and fantastic people who don't play at the club at all!

We have had 8 monthly draws since the first one in June, plus the extra Christmas Cracker draw in December. We have paid out a total of £1718 in prizes and have contributed £2763 to the clubhouse redevelopment project (including £150 of donated prizes - many thanks!).

Thank you all for your ongoing support. 

The next phases of the redevelopment are planned for 2015 - new toilets, kitchen, bar, car park - so we need to keep on fundraising.  Please do encourage friends and family to join the 100 Club - the monthly prizes increase once we have 120 members, and with each additional 20 members thereafter!