Fundraising success

Following on from a successful morning of bag packing I’m delighted to say that £474.20 (and 2 cents) was raised at Morrisons supermarket.

21 children helped the shoppers and 15 parents, supported them including one father and son team who stayed for 3 hours as they enjoyed it so much.

Thank you to you all.

Travis and Neil Holland

Chris, Fraser and Erin Birney 

Yvonne Gibbins

Sam Chesbrough

Adam and Richard Beach

Vicky and William Acklam

Jon, Daniel and Oliver Sheard

Daniel and William Reddings

Anne Gallagher

Leon Pickup

Oscar and Niamh Lowe

Jason and Charlie Jepp

Lewis Edge

Ben Mckie

Tracey and Charlotte Clay

Rachel and Daniel Clack

Sadie Paton-Rawsthorne

Anne Grauberg

Lucy Thomason

Kerry and Joe Hadley

Jill and Finlay Cunnison

Lyndon Hayes


Thanks must also go to the very generous shoppers and Morrsions who allowed us to be there. 

Below are some comments from the children and parent, who took part: 


We asked people if they would like their bags to be packed. If they said 'yes' we put their shopping in the right bag. We organised the shopping the way the shoppers wanted for example meat, cheese and we put the heavy items at the bottom and the lighter and more fragile stuff at the top. Not everyone wanted us to pack their bags but they still gave us a donation.  The most generous contribution was from a lady who gave us £4! It was actually quite a lot of fun. I was very busy and had lots to do.  Some people were interested and asked us what we were raising the money for. I would definitely do it again. (William – U11s) 


It was a great way to help out the club. Everyone was kind and supportive of the club. It was a good way to start the day! (William – U14s)


Charlotte and I had a great time bag packing! We were on the 9-10am shift so it was a little quiet at first but soon picked up. It was interesting to see other people's bag packing habits!  Even if people preferred to pack their own bags they still put some money in our bucket, and it was nice to chat to everyone about WBCC and what we hoped to achieve. Everyone was very supportive. One kind gentleman hadnt got any cash on him, but asked the cashier for cash back and gave us £5! Charlotte was enjoying it so much she didn't want to leave at 10am. So we stayed til 10.20am then had to go and get her cake ready for the school fair bake off competition! The time passed really quickly and if we do a similar fund raiser again I would recommend everyone to have a go. Time flies when you are having fun! (Tracey – Parent) 


On Saturday  13th June I went to Morrisons in Gamston with my Dad to help with bag packing to raise funds for our club house. We really enjoyed it and met lots of nice generous people who liked cricket and threw notes and coins in our bucket to support our cause!. (Charlie – U11s) 


I helped lots of people pack their bags .I enjoyed listening to what people liked doing especially the man who told me all about his fencing at university when he was younger. (he was really nice). (Travis – U10s) 


On Saturday, along with many others, I helped with bag packing at Morrison's in Gamston to help my club improve the clubhouse. I enjoyed it because it was giving back something to the club for coaching me and I helped people with their shopping. (Adam – U12)


“On Saturday 13th of June I went to Morrisons for the Westbridgfordians junior bag packing.  Most of the people I served were interested and wanted to help the club and sometimes even when they didn’t need help to pack their shopping they still donated.  At the end of our hour we had helped to make lots of money for the club”. (Daniel – U11s)


I really enjoyed bag packing because it was for a good cause.  It was I interesting to see what people were buying. A lot of people were buying dog food. (Charlotte – Girls Kwik)