100 Club

To help raise funds to pay for the clubhouse refurbishment, the West Bridgford Sports Club* Committee set up a ‘100 Club’ lottery. To become a member you simply buy a monthly subscription (£5 per month) for a number in a lottery draw.

The 100 Club has now paid off half of the loan we had to take out. We are always looking for new members!

There are several cash prizes in the monthly draw; and at least 40% of the subscriptions will be returned as prize money. There are no management charges – it is run by the West Bridgford Sports Club Committee entirely on a voluntary basis. The remaining 60% goes towards the West Bridgford Sports Club’s ‘Clubhouse Refurbishment Project’.

If you are interested and would like to find out more, then please contact Claire Sheard at claireesheard@yahoo.co.uk

Thank you for supporting your Sports Club!

Please download the following document and return to Claire.

100 Club Rules and Application Form


The lottery runs for twelve months in a calendar year. To minimise administration costs we are asking for payment to be made by monthly Standing Order (£5).  You can join at any time during the year. Note: to be eligible for the Christmas Cracker Super Draw in December you have to have been a member for at least six months prior to December.

100 Club Prizes and monthly prize-winners

The names of the prize-winners will be announced each month on the West Bridgford Rugby Club and West Bridgfordians Cricket Club websites and the individuals notified directly.  The following table shows how the monthly draw prize fund is allocated:

Membership Prize Fund First Prize Second Prizes
60 – 79 £120 1 x £60 3 x £20
80 – 99 £160 1 x £80 4 x £20
100 – 119 £200 1 x £100 5 x £20
120 – 139 £240 1 x £120 1 x £40, 4 x £20
140 – 159 £280 1 x £140 2 x £40, 3 x £20
160 – 179 £320 1 x £160 3 x £40, 2 x £20
180 – 199 £360 1 x £180 1 x £80, 1 x £40, 3 x £20
200 £400 1 x £200 1 x £80, 2 x £40, 2 x £20

Annual Super Draw

As the prize fund for each band is set at the amount generated by the minimum membership in that band – the unused prize money (i.e. calculated as 40% of the total annual membership revenue minus prize money allocated) will constitute a one-off prize for an extra draw in December – an annual Christmas Cracker Super Draw.

*The West Bridgford Sports Club is the umbrella organisation of the West Bridgford Rugby Club and West Bridgfordians Cricket Club.