100 Club Winners for July & August 2023

Here are your 100 Club winners for July and August 2023.

Congratulations to all of you.

Thank you everyone for your support for the 100 Club – it is essential for us to keep this going as it enables us to pay off the outstanding loan on the clubhouse redevelopment. If you know anyone who might like to join, do send them this way – the more members, the bigger the prizes!


      JULY 2023
1st Prize Winning Number Name Date Contacted Sum  Paid
2nd Prize 6 Tom Godfrey   £140
2nd Prize 80 Ben Shaw   £40
3rd Prize 3 Dave Terrill   £40
3rd Prize 105 Lyn Kilbride   £20
3rd Prize 157 Mhairi Davies   £20
 3rd Prize 125 Bob Douglas   £20


  Winning Number Name Date Contacted Sum  Paid
1st Prize 2 Craig James   £140
2nd Prize 103 Neil Holland   £40
2nd Prize 92 David Watson   £40
3rd Prize 43 Dan Miller   £20
3rd Prize 104 Neil Holland   £20
3rd Prize 108 Rob Darby   £20