100 Club Results for May and June

We’ve just caught up with the 100 Club draws – please find details of the winners for May and June.  We shall distribute winnings in the next few days, either via the post or by hand.  Please let us know if you have changed address recently to avoid anything being delivered to the wrong house.  Enjoy, and thank you for your continued support of the 100 Club which continues to be vitally important to the cricket & rugby clubs, allowing us to repay the loan that was taken out to partially fund our clubhouse redevelopment.

MAY 2020

Winning Number Name Prize
1st Prize 35 Steve Hill £140
2nd Prize 52 Jonno Arkle £40
2nd Prize 123 Tim Loveridge £40
3rd Prize 69 Judith Dibley £20
3rd Prize 21 Sarah Berridge £20
3rd Prize 23 Jacqueline Smedley £20


JUNE 2020

Winning Number Name Prize
1st Prize 125 Bob Douglas £140
2nd Prize 31 Dan Holding £40
2nd Prize 95 Steve Wild £40
3rd Prize 8 Chris Howard £20
3rd Prize 120 Sean Riley £20
3rd Prize 73 Laura Powell Perry £20