Beer Festival Beer Lists

Here are the beers that we have on offer for our beer festival this coming week.

Uttoxeter                      Ground breaker                   4.0%

A sweet golden ale with a slightly bitter taste with citrus aromas.

Laine                            Breaker                                  4.1%

A juicy, powerfully hopped Pale Ale that delivers fresh fruit flavours of melon, pineapple and citrus. Superbly refreshing,

Heritage                       St Modwen                            4.2%

A crisp and refreshing blonde beer, not too bitter with a subtle malted wheat biscuit taste.

LongMan                     Best Bitter                             4.0%

Perfectly balanced with a complex bittersweet malty taste, fragrant hops and a characteristic long deep finish. A traditional Sussex style Best Bitter.

Lenton Lane               Pale Moonlight                     3.7%

A light session ale brewed with European Hops.

Leatherbritches                   The Bounder                        3.8%

A very pale golden ale with subtle grapefruit and spice aroma, leading to a long crisp bitter finish. Very refreshing.

Ossett                          Butterley Bitter                     3.8%

A traditional, easy drinking Yorkshire Bitter, made from all British ingredients. Pale copper in colour, this beer initially has sweet malt and honey on the palate, followed by a moderately bitter finish. The delicate hop aromas can be described as floral and spicy.

St Austell                      Proper Job                            5.5%

Brewed with Cornish spring water, the finest Maris Otter barley and a blend of imported hops Proper Job packs a moreish hoppy punch

Bath Ales                     Gem                                                 4.1%

Brewed with traditional British malts to balance the soft fruits and bittersweet caramel with a soft, smooth bitterness. 

Magpie                         Hoppily                                  3.8%

Pale session ale hopped with British endeavour for a light aromatic and very drinkable flavour.

Magpie                         Raven Stout                          4.4%

Rich, smooth and packed full of roasted malt flavours and a little sweet smokiness.

Our Belgian Beers on offer are as follows:-

 Achel 8 Blond 8.0%
One of only eleven official Trappist beers in the world. Brewed in Saint Benedict’s Abbey, better known as the ‘Achelse Kluis’. Golden blond Trappist with creamy white foam head. Sweet attack that turns into a long, dry finish. The soft malt notes temper the bitterness.  
Chimay Gold 4.8%
Chimay Gold is a typical paterbier. It is brewed in the heart of Scourmont Abbey and was until now reserved for the monastic community, its guests and collaborators. Today everyone can enjoy its refreshing, spicy and hop aromas. Chimay Goud is brewed with water, barley malt, sugar, hops, yeast, bitter orange peel and coriander.  
Gouden Carolus Tripel 9.0%
Gold coloured clear beer with a very generous, firm head. Aromas of fruit, malt, spices and yeast. This highly complex beer has won prestigious awards, including gold at the European Beer Star.  
Rochefort 10 11.3%
Rochefort 10′ is a recognised Trappist beer. This heaviest beer from the brewery has a great balance. Sweet aromas of chocolate, toffee, caramel and dried fruit give this worldwide appreciated Trappist its unique character.

Quite simply this is one of the best beers in the world.

Saison Dupont  6.5%
Saison Dupont is a top fermenting lager, bottle fermented. In 1844 this beer was being brewed in the Winter in our farm brewery. It then re-fermented for several months in wooden barrels and was used to quench the thirst of farm workers.
Now considered the “classic Belgian Saison.
St. Bernardus Abt 12 10.0%
Brewed according to the original recipe since 1946. The Abt 12 is soft, full-bodied, fruity, complex and bittersweet. Lots of fruity aromas are present and it is packed with complex flavours and excels with its long bittersweet finish. The beer is easy to drink due to its soft, full-bodied taste and perfect balance between bitter and sweet.  
St Bernardus Extra 4 4.8%
St Bernardus Extra 4 is a Belgian blond ale from St. Bernardus Brewery in Watou, Belgium. As with all the brewery’s ales, St Bernardus Extra 4 is brewed with the characteristic St Bernardus yeast strain, dating back to 1946.  At 4.8% ABV, St Bernardus Extra 4 is refreshing and sessionable compared to many Belgian ales. St Bernardus Extra 4 is packed full of flavour, with sweet malt aroma balanced by zesty, floral hops.  
Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel  11.0%
Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel, can be described as a rich beer, intensely dark in colour and full-bodied in taste. The aroma is spicy and elegant with slightly roasted notes. Brewed with a refined blend of special malts, the beer acquires a complex character, which combines a clean dryness with notes of coriander, dark fruit, anise and roasted chestnut. The aftertaste is slightly syrupy.  
Vicaris Generaal 8.5%
Vicaris Generaal is a dark brown top fermented beer with a nice yellow tinted head. The additional use of special malts gives this dark version of the Vicaris Tripel not only its unique warm colour, but also its distinctive taste and rich aroma. A specially selected hop variety ensures the right bitter balance with the roasted malt. This tasting beer with taste evolution is for anyone who likes a strong dark beer. You can therefore safely leave Vicar General for a few months to years, which will benefit his outspoken character.  
Vicaris Tripel/Gueuze 7.0%
Vicaris Tripel/Gueuze is the ideal thirst quencher for those hot summer days. Dilewyns brewery works for this beer with a renowned gueuze brewer from the Zennevalei. The beer is a unique type of beer due to the complex interplay of Vicaris Tripel and gueuze. The sharp sourness of the spontaneously fermented lambic is balanced by the fruity and soft Vicaris Tripel. The end result is a rich beer with a fresh light acidity and a soft aftertaste.  
 Westmalle Dubbel  7.0%
For more than 200 years, the monks of Westmalle have opted for a life of prayer and work. True to the rule of Saint Benedict, they make their own living by brewing the Westmalle double, triple and extra. The Westmalle Dubbel has a dark reddish-brown colour and ferments after the bottle. The cream-colored foam head smells of delicious malt. The taste is rich, complex, spicy and fruity, with a fresh bitter aftertaste.  
Westmalle Extra 4.8%
Westmalle Extra is the table beer served to the monks and their guests and is brewed with water, barley malt and hop cones. The Westmalle Dubbel and Tripel yeast is also used for this beer. Westmalle Extra is also top-fermented but it is considerably lighter, at 4.8%, alcohol-by-volume than its brother brews. It has the characteristic Westmalle aroma with hops coming through in the finish. It is a real thirst-quencher.
Westmalle Tripel 9.5%
The Westmalle tripel is the most famous beer of the Westmalle Abbey. The triple has a deep, but soft taste with a bitter touch, and a bright golden colour. The triple ferments in the bottle for three weeks. The tripel is the most famous beer of Westmalle Abbey because it was voted the best beer in the world on September 21, 2005 by the readers of the New York Times and in 2012 the tripel also managed to get the gold medal at the World Beer Cup!