100 Club April & May Winners

Here are your 100 club winners for April & May.

If you are interested and would like to find out more, then please contact Claire Sheard at claireesheard@yahoo.co.uk

Please download the following document and return to Claire.

100 Club Rules and Application Form

Many thanks for your continued support of the 100 Club – since it began it has raised over almost £40,000 for the club which has paid off more than half of the loan that was taken out to fund the final stage of work on the new clubhouse.

APRIL 2022

Winning Number Name Prize
1st Prize 125 Bob Douglas £140
2nd Prize 118 Martin Gardner £40
2nd Prize 63 Mark Storrar £40
3rd Prize 6 Tom Godfrey £20
3rd Prize 90 Stuart Clark £20
3rd Prize 65 Ally Pettit £20


May 2022

Winning Number Name Prize
1st Prize 76 Mick & Linda Boothright £140
2nd Prize 11 Tim Martin £40
2nd Prize 15 Jon Sheard £40
3rd Prize 79 Darren Shaw £20
3rd Prize 37 Shaun Doherty £20
3rd Prize 3 Dave Terrill £20